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Five Tips for a Healthy Autumn

Element Color Stage Emotion Climate Taste Organs Metal White Harvest Grief/Sadness Dryness Pungent Lung/Large Intestine According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, each season is intricately related to a specific stage of development, element, organ, climate, emotion and taste. This serves both to help explain our physical and emotional states in any given season as […]

Five Tips for a Healthy Spring

Element Color Stage Emotion Climate Taste Organs Wood Green Birth Anger Wind Sour Liver/Gallbladder Spring is a time for exploration, growth, and renewal. Creativity and motivation bloom, allowing for expansive movement following the quiet hibernation and introspection of winter. This year, spring feels especially significant and metaphorical, as our collective winter was a more isolating […]


Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Elderberry Syrup Recipe   Elderberries have been used by different cultures for their healing properties for centuries. While there are many quality brands of elderberry syrup on the market, it is usually more affordable to make your own. It’s also really fun and easy to make! As this recipe is very flexible, I hope it […]


Easy Electrolyte Drink Recipe

Easy Electrolyte Drink Recipe   Sometimes we need more than plain water, but most “electrolyte drinks” are full of excessive sugar and other yuck ingredients. Although I usually say to minimize ice-cold drinks (as noted on the recipe), this easy electrolyte drink can be frozen into popsicles for a fevering child or for fun during […]

Choosing Your Child’s Probiotics

Dr. Den’s Tip for Choosing Your Child’s Probiotics   You may often hear that probiotics are good for your child, but I get that it can be really overwhelming to figure out what to actually give them. As many of you have reached out to me with various questions about probiotics, I’ve created my favorite […]


Baked Pear Recipe

Baked Pear Recipe   According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, pears nourish and protect the lungs. This recipe is especially important in the fall, when the lungs have a tendency to become dry and more vulnerable. Not only do baked pears help keep you healthy (or help to nourish you back to health), but they are […]

Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Den’s Quick Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine   While I definitely encourage you to delve deeper into topics of interest, sometimes a quick guide is just what you need to decide if you’d like to try something new or learn more about it. Here are some simple facts to help you determine if Traditional […]

Fever Tips from Den

When your child has a FEVER: tips from Dr. Den   I know it can be scary when your child is running a fever, so I created this handy info-sheet which can be printed and attached to the side of your fridge for easy reference. Created in a “down and dirty” format for easy reading […]