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What do you do when your doctor assures you that your child will outgrow their night terrors and that everything is fine but you are at your wits end and haven’t slept a whole night in 3 years?  When I came into Dr. Den’s office I felt like a broken person and a bad mom, with this overwhelming feeling of helplessness.  I was tired and had no idea how to help my child.  Every child is different, but Dr. Den figured out how to help.  She embraced us and fully supported our journey by answering emails quickly or leaving herbs on her counter for me to pick up when I ran out!  My child isn’t always willing to get taps (needles), but Dr. Den is ready with a back up plan in action before I can even apologize! Dr. Den has an amazing demeanor that works incredibly well with children.  My whole house can now sleep all through the night and my child has now been off her other medications for Asthma since starting treatments!  I wish I could put into words how much gratitude I have for her!!  If you have a child with night terrors I can NOT recommend Dr. Den to you enough!!!   She changed our lives and I will be eternally grateful to her!!