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My granddaughter’s treatments began with Den when she was 18 months old; her condition has improved steadily since our first visit. I firmly believe that the combination of Den’s approach to wellness which includes  acupuncture, message, body/nerve stimulation coupled with the nutritional guidance and general approach to whole body health has improved the condition and my child’s overall health. My granddaughter enjoys going to the office–she has not once been reluctant to enter practice itself or Den’s office.  With other professionals she has been reluctant and stressed just approaching the office.  But with Den she is different. I believe that is because Den is patient, professional and has a wonderful way of working with children–the office itself has a calming effect and Den’s own personal professional style is among the best I have ever experienced with any professional–male, female, nurse or doctor, therapist.  I cannot say enough good things about Den. I am certain that the experience with Den will remain with my granddaughter for a lifetime. I recommend Den for children as well as adults, and feel very fortunate to have found someone to treat such a young child with such confidence. If you are at all considering acupuncture for a child or yourself, I highly recommend Den.